Universal Suit

the Universal Suit
is a kind of pyama that I made in 1991. It is made of a flesh-coloured, elastic fibre. People who wear this suit are told that they can drop their own identity for a moment, and transform into anything or anyone they like to be, or into a “nobody”. In the 16 mm film a man steps into a train, puts on the “Universal Suit” and takes place in the windowseat. At the next train-station he quickly gets rid of the suit and steps out of the train. In the Veemvloer this film was projected on a revolving door. Each time a visitor walked through the revolving door the filmprojection started: the man walked into the train, changed his clothes, stepped out of the train etc. The space inside a revolving door is not inside nor outside; you are “in the door”, which is a kind of “non-space”. – Actor: Marc Geerards – Camera: Marianne Theunissen. The film-installation in the Veemvloer:
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