In these 4 short films the characters are at odds with themselves and with their environment. In 4 different ways the characters rearrange and adapt their individual spaces:
In the first part a woman, sitting alone in front of her dishes, makes shoulder pads with coffee cups.
In the second part a man, on hands and knees, carries on his back a table covered with tableware and a woman.
In the third a woman stretches her body forward to the floor, while a sinister hand puts teapots and saucers in her dress.
In the last part a woman is sliding across the table on top of cups and saucers.

Short fragment:

2008 / 10 min / videofilm / continuous loop / Marianne Theunissen. Concept: Marianne Theunissen & Dagmar Jäger / Camera: Marianne Theunissen, Chris Baaten. Music: Fons de Baedts. Act: Dagmar Jäger, Marc Geerards, Maite Abella.