The Revenge of the Spektres’ Kitchen

spektre 2012-05-01 om 22.38.09

spektre 2012-05-01 om 22.38.09

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spektr n-1

The Revenge of the Spektre’s Kitchen

A project by Marianne Theunissen and Chris Baaten.

The performance “Spektre’s internal walk” commemorates the short moment in 1997 that the Mir, the Russian space station that for 15 years hovered round the earth at a distance between 296 and 421 km altitude, was hit by its own food- and waste rocket.

The exhibition also makes use of the image material from the 1972 film “Solaris” by Tarkovsky in which also a spaceship drifts (too long) into space.

The Agony of a Table and two People

On the 18th of September we had the opening of our show “The Agony of a Table and Two People” in Diepenheim.
These are the first images of the space on the ground floor, that we described as follows: ” a human being with a clear mind, optimistic and energetic, everything points in the same direction even when he sleeps, free forms as molecules in an everyday contact with himself, the other and with objects and things, in short: something in between a man and his furniture.

Diepenheim, Marianne Theunissen & Chris Baaten

We showed 3 different versions of the performance “BIOSONIC FURNITURE TRAINING” in Extrapool in Nijmegen, in Tac, Eindhoven, at the Urban Explorer’s festival in Dordrecht and inthe “Glazen Huis” in Amsterdam last year. The performance and the installation were the starting point for our show in Diepenheim.

In this performance Chris Baaten and Marianne Theunissen investigate their environment: an installation that is made for this purpose. The installation can be seen as an extension of the body, and as an extension of furniture, an in-between area. In the performance the furniture teaches the 2 protagonists how to react in this environment and also how to recognize it’s sounds.